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Ainesh Mohan

The Mastermind

Meet Ainesh Mohan, a pianist and the mastermind behind Musical Messiahs. He has been playing the piano since he was 5 years old. He has lived in many different countries and has experienced different styles of music. Over the years, he has been giving Piano Exams offered by ABRSM (the Associated Board of the Royal School of Music) and is now preparing for the final grade level, Grade 8. “During the coronavirus outbreak, I realised that youngsters like us can truly make a difference in society, and this is how I have decided to do my part.”

Prajeet Kumar Roy

Website designer & Guitarist Pt1

Say hello to Prajeet Kumar Roy, an electric guitarist who will be playing lead for our concert. “I got my first guitar when I was 8 and honestly, I never liked to play it then as I was more into playing the piano at the time. About 4 years ago I heard this song by Metallica called Fade to Black and that's when I got really passionate about playing the guitar; about a year later, I got my first electric guitar (which I still own). Playing the guitar has made me appreciate music in a new sense. My idol in the guitar world is Kirk Hammett. I hope that through this concert, I am able to spread happiness with my music and help people experience music in a positive way.”


Aryan Jain

Website Designer & Guitarist Pt.2

Meet Aryan Jain, a 16 year old Messiah who plays the guitar. “I have been playing acoustic guitar for almost 5 years now and recently I purchased an electric guitar to play more songs related to the hard and soft rock genre. My preferred artists and bands are Bryan Adams, Guns n Roses, The Beatles, and ACDC. I try to learn iconic songs from these bands and play them in front of an audience. I enjoy this and hope that the audience does too. Playing the guitar brings me joy like nothing else.”

Nachiket Yadav

The Guitarist Pt.3

Here’s Nachiket Yadav, a guitarist, part of the MM team. He has been playing the guitar for over 6 years. He likes to play rock songs on his electric guitar by famous artists such as Led Zeppelin and AC/DC. “Playing the guitar is a very fun way to pass time in my opinion. It provides much needed stress relief, especially in times like these where there are many crises going on. I am glad that I could be a part of this initiative and can’t wait to spread the joy of music with everyone.”


Anirudh Krishnakumar

The Pianist Pt.1

Here’s Anirudh Krishnakumar, a pianist and member of Team MM. Like most of the other members, Anirudh is an 11th grader studying in Greenwood High International School. He has been learning the piano for 6 years. At first, it was just a hobby, and he played it from time to time, but now it serves as more than a hobby and he is now extremely passionate about playing this instrument.

Aarush Menon

The Pianist Pt.2

Meet Aarush Mohan, an 11 year old student from Greenwood High who loves playing the piano. He has been playing the piano for about 5 years and is currently practicing for the Grade 5 ABRSM Piano exam. He likes to play a variety of genres including, pop, contemporary, and classical music. Not only does he play the piano, he is also learning to play the violin. Over the years, he has performed at many concerts hosted by his teacher as well as in school in front of his classmates. Aarush has his very own YouTube channel where he uploads videos of himself playing the piano. His other interests include football and drama. He is our youngest Messiah.


Sampreeth Immidisetty

The Classical Guitarist Pt.1

Meet Sampreeth Immidisetty, a classical guitarist for the MM team. He has an astonishing dedication to music which is shown through his many accolades. He has received a certificate of excellence for completing grades 1-7 under the Trinity College of London course. He has also received a certificate of merit from a renowned workshop in Narni, Italy. Sampreeth finds music an escape from reality and an efficient method of stress relief and hopes that he can pass his pleasure of music on to others.

Siddharth Sundarajan

The Classical Guitarist Pt.2

Meet Siddharth Sundararajan, one of the MM members. Siddharth is a guitarist who has a flair for classical music. He is a state topper at various levels in the RCM program. He has also attended multiple workshops, conducted by many famous musicians.


Neha Gupta

The Singer Pt.1

Meet Neha Gupta, an 11th grader in Greenwood High International School. “I've been learning vocals my whole life! I started off with Hindustani classical music when i was just 5, and I've been training in western vocals for the past 6 years. Singing is my everything: it is how I express myself, and channel my emotions. I’ve been competing and performing for years now, and music has become a grand part of who I am. Not only am I interested in the mainstream pop genre, I love jazz, rock and even country music. What I really love about vocals is that I can experience different cultures by learning and practicing different types of beautiful songs - from English to Hindi, and even Spanish! This year, I will be taking the very last vocal grade exam offered by Trinity College, London - Grade 8 - and i am thrilled to see where my musical journey will take me in the future.”

 Deekshita Thirumalai Nambi

The Singer Pt.2

Meet Deekshita Thirumalai Nambi, a singer and MM member. “Music has always been a big part of my life. I took classical (Carnatic) music classes when I was just about four and had a great time performing in small temples nearby. I began playing guitar when I was the age of ten. At first it was an awkward big thing to play from but I slowly got used to it. I soon started singing along and jammed with my friends. It definitely pulled us closer together. Although I loved playing the guitar, I soon got caught up in studies and couldn't find the time to continue. However I still do sing, whether in the bathroom, with my friends or with my sister. It's a definite golden moment with them which I cherish from the bottom of my heart.”



The Clarinet Player

Here’s Virochan, another 11th grader from Greenwood High and member of MM. Virochan is a clarinet player and has been playing this instrument since 5th grade. He has also played in a school band in the past. “I love playing the clarinet as it is a unique instrument and it is very fun to play. I also enjoy playing basketball and reading in my free time. I am extremely glad that I could do my part in helping the world through this initiative."

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